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Update v0.2
11.04.2022 19:50:40
- There are now 5 spots in each Devil Square
- The number of players in Devil Square has been increased to 25 people.
- Statue has increased HP in Blood Castle
- The number of players in Blood Castle has been increased to 20 people.
- Added to CashShop: Zen, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Extension
- Fix. AntiCheat
- Fix. Chaos Machine upgrade normal items to +10 - +15
- Fix. 2.5 Wings
You will need to update the client using: Launcher.
For those who could not update through Launcher.
Can download separate Patch:
1 - Close all windows with game
2 - Unzip the game root with replacement.

The client of the game posted on the site: was updated.