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FAQ - Dark Lord

The Dark Lord from the world of MU has arrived to help hold out in the fight before Kundun. He is elevated to the rank of leaders, since his vocation is to command large armies and powerful creatures, since the Golden Ages. As the threat of Kundun grows stronger and closer, some decided to return and help the citizens survive during these difficult times. Others have returned to be able to regain power and gain recognition in the upcoming battles.

Dark Lord

One of the strongest attacking classes in the game, has high damage, but not very high defense indicators, which he compensates with the help of his Horse, an indispensable character in the siege due to his unique skill "Summon". The Dark Lord is always accompanied by the Black Raven - an indispensable companion ready to slay any enemy.

Profession Dark Lord

Dark Lord, no need for Sebina the Priest and Marlon teachings only by talking to Apostle Devin and completing his tasks, the Dark Lord will ascend and receive the Lord Emperor profession.

Dark Lord Lord Emperor
Character characteristics and formulas
Stat (points) for Level. 6 points
Stat (points) for rebirth (reset). 500 points +100 Command
Formulas (PVE - for fighting monsters, PVP - for fighting with players)
Attack Speed 10 + Agility/66
Attack Rate AttRate = Str + (Str * 1.6)
PveAttRate = +80%
Damage Dmg = (Str * 2) + (Ene / 2)
Skill Damage in % SkillDmg = (Ene / 1000)
Defense Rate DefRate = Agi
PveDefRate = +20%
Defense Defense = Vit
HP Life = 90 + (1.5 * Level) + (5.0 * Vitality)
Mana Mana = 40 + Level + (1.5 * Energy)