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FAQ - Fairy Elf

Fairy elves from the land of Noria are a very ancient race. As they themselves claim, they were the first race on the Mu continent, even before humans and goblins. Elves were recognized as a race of unearthly beauty and grace. The elves were the ones who passed on the art of archery to man and in this area they are the best. Over time, the elves have entered into an agreement with other races who are ready to come to their aid when called upon.

Fairy Elf

Elf, an indispensable member of any team. There are two directions of their development, magical (EE) and physical (AE). A magical elf that acts as a support for his team members, enhancing his attacking and defensive abilities, and also able to heal wounds. When a physical elf has a great offensive potential, releasing three or more arrows at the same time - is able to inflict huge amount of damage.

Profession Fairy Elf

by talking to Sebina the Priest, doing their errands and proving that you deserve to receive great power, the character class will change to Muse Elf, after talking with Marlon - Muse Elf will receive the Infinity Arrow skill, and after passing the tests from Apostle Devin, your character will ascend and receive the High Master class, which will give you the opportunity to increase your strength by developing the Master Skill Tree.

Fairy Elf Muse Elf High Master
Character characteristics and formulas
Stat (points) for Level. 5 points +1 points after Marlon
Stat (points) for rebirth (reset). 500 points
Formulas (PVE - for fighting monsters, PVP - for fighting players)
Attack Speed 10 + Agility/66
Attack Rate AttRate AE = Str + (Str * 1.6)
AttRate EE = Ene + (Ene * 1.6)
PveAttRate = +80%
Damage with Bow Dmg AE = (Str * 2) + (Ene / 2)
Dmg EE = Ene + (Str / 2)
Skill Damage in % SkillDmg = (Ene / 1000)
Defense Rate DefRate = Agi
PveDefRate = +20%
Defense Defense = Vit
HP Life = 80 + Level + (6.0 * Vitality)
Mana Mana = 30 + (1.5 * Level) + (1.5 * Energy)