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FAQ - Rage Fighter

A skilled melee warrior, hardened by the harsh lands of Karutan. In addition to the brutal physique, this character has the ability to kill opponents with his bare hands, almost literally. The fact is that RF, like MG, lacks one of the armor slots, these are gloves. Instead of gloves, he has huge mechanized gloves, which RF owns to perfection.

Rage Fighter

Is a versatile character. Depending on the buildup, he can be both a crushing damage dealer and a tank with a lot of HP, and even support (Buff). Similar to the MG, the RF lacks a glove slot. RF also moves around maps before other classes, like MG.

Profession Rage Fighter

RF does not need to get professions from Sebina the Priest and Marlon like others, he can only get 3 professions from Apostle Devin, your character will ascend and receive the Fist Master profession, which will give you the opportunity to increase your strength by developing the Master Skill Tree.

Rage Fighter Fist Master
Character characteristics and formulas
Stat (points) for Level. 6 points
Stat (points) for rebirth (reset). 500 points
Formulas (PVE - for fighting monsters, PVP - for fighting players)
Attack Speed 10 + Agility/66
Attack Rate AttRate = Str + (Str * 1.6)
PveAttRate = +80%
Damage Dmg = (Str * 2) + (Ene / 2)
Skill Damage in % SkillDmg = (Str / 1000)
Defense Rate DefRate = Agi
PveDefRate = +20%
Defense Defense = (Vit / 1.4)
HP Life = 100 + (1.3 * Level) + (6.5 * Vitality)
Mana Mana = 40 + Level + (1.0 * Energy)