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FAQ - Summoner

Summoners are a noble race, originating from the ancient mages. Although summoners have some of the magical knowledge of wizards, their development has gone a separate branch from them. The thirst for knowledge helped them restore the lost language of their ancestors to study ancient manuscripts and books, and a natural talent for magic to master this ancient knowledge to perfection.


The second female character in the game, a very strong magician, with balanced defense and attack, has the skills to summon creatures with the help of books, and also has the gift of a curse - completely weakening his victim with the help of debuffs or simply applying a curse of sleep.

Profession Summoner

After talking to Sebina the Priest and completing the quest, you will receive the profession Bloody Summoner, also you will need to talk to Marlon to learn some skills, and after talking with Apostle Devin your character will level up and get the Dimension Summoner profession.

Summoner Bloody Summoner Dimension Summoner
Character characteristics and formulas
Stat (points) for Level. 5 points +1 points after Marlon Quest
Stat (points) for rebirth (reset). 500 points
Formulas (PVE - for fighting monsters, PVP - for fighting players)
Attack Speed 10 + Agility/66
Attack Rate AttRate = Ene + (Ene * 1.6)
PveAttRate = +80%
Magic Damage Dmg = (Ene * 2) + (Str /2 )
Skill Damage in % SkillDmg = (Str / 1000)
Defense Rate DefRate = Agi
PveDefRate = +20%
Defense Defense = (Vit / 1.6)
HP Life = 70 + Level + (5.5 * Vitality)
Mana Mana = 40 + (1.5 * Level) + (1.5 * Energy)