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FAQ - Settings

MuKeeper is a free game server for the world of MuOnline, focused on a heavy game. The complexity of the game depends on the constant control over resources, the possibility of partial loss of the results obtained, as well as the extracted game items.

Important,before starting the game, be sure to read the information in the section “Death Penalties”.

Main technical characteristics of the server setup:

Server Settings
Config Value
Game Version Season 6 Episode 3
Experience х50 dynamic down to х1
Опыт для поднятия мастер уровней X1
Item Drop 30%
Maximum Level 400
Maximum Master Level 400
Maximum number of Resets Unlimited
Maximum number of Stat Points for each characteristic 32767
Stat Points for 1 level for classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf and Summoner 5 (+1 Marlon quest)
Stat Points for 1 level for classes: Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord and Rage Fighter 6
Maximum number of Fruit Points Unlimited
Elf Buffer for newbie works up to 3 reset + 400 level
Maximum level of the items +15 +28 opt
Maximum number of Excellent options in items 6
Maximum number of Socket in items 5
Ability to create items with Ancient + Excellent Да
Ability to create items with Socket +Excellent options Yes
Harmony options available Yes
PvP options available Yes
Number of vaults 8 and additional 8

Default Features for Guilds:

Config Value
Required level and reset to create 150 level 0 reset
The maximum number of people in the guild 25 members if the Guild Master has the Dark Lord class for other classes, the limit is 20 members
The maximum number of guilds that can be in an Alliance 2
Additional bonuses for membership in guilds Missing
Character Classes

Available character classes in the game:

Name Level Create
Dark Knight From 0 level
Dark Wizard From 0 level
Elf From 0 level
Summoner From 0 level
Magic Gladiator From 0 level
Dark Lord From 0 level
Rage Fighter From 0 level