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MuKeeper - OBT Opening: 24.02.2023!
21.02.2023 02:16:00
MuKeeper is a live project that is learning and evolving.
Open beta testing before launch already on 24.02.2023 at 19:00 +3GMT.

We recommend taking part in it in order to better familiarize yourself with the mechanics.
In case of detection of any Bug, shortcomings - please inform the administration.

Frequently asked questions about OBT:
- To quickly level up, you can specify the desired experience / exp 1-99999 (equivalent to x1-99999)
- All ingredients / jewels / box are in the Lorencia store (Bar)
- To get Zen, use the /zen 1000 command, where 1000 is the desired amount.
- If you don't want to complete the Quest for the 3rd profession, but want to see the master skill tree, just use /evo command

New game functionality:
- Transferring items from the site to a character or chest without leaving the game.
- Transferring things to the site from the character without leaving the game (only for vip)
- /offexp works from MuHelper settings (without items picking up)
- /offvip is similar to /offexp but with the selection of items (activation fee)
- Fruit system, infinite consumption of fruits (depends on Resets) that give an increase in dmg/def/rate/hp/sd
- PK system, the ability to knock out things from the player's PK
- Apple , protects against fines PK system
- The strength of the monsters on the Imperial of guardian and in the Mirror depends on the Reset included in it (these events are now for the party)
- Unique Chaos Castle, now it's a King of the Hill game where everyone can win! The meaning of the event is now to push your opponent out of the map. (not murder)
- A unique and thoughtful Quest System that will guide you throughout the game and give you nice rewards. (without its execution, it is impossible to get full parameters for stats)
- A unique system of bonuses from items.

And much more awaits you on our project.