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FAQ - Dark Knight

In ancient times, there was a mysterious order of the Dark Knights. The order fought for the citizens in the kingdom of MU. Those times are long gone, and the dark knights have become mercenaries to feed themselves. Some of them wandered honing their skills to perfection, while others continued the path of justice in times of pain and suffering.

Dark Knight

A warrior who embodies strength and resilience. In close combat, they can inflict mortal wounds, taking and withstanding the strongest attacks of the enemy. The Dark Knight's skills allow him to use a variety of weapons: swords, axes, spears and carry a large number of different equipment. Due to hard training, they developed a powerful blow called Combo, which combines a sequence of different attacks to create a devastating attack power.

Dark Knight - in game language, is a tank. With more lives and protection. When using a skill from a shield, it can withstand enormous damage (useful when besieging a castle).

Profession Dark Knight

By talking to Marlon and Sebina the Priest, completing their errands and proving that you deserve to receive great power, the character class will change to Blade Knight, and after passing the tests from Apostle Devin, your character will ascend and receive the Blade Master class, which will give you the opportunity to increase your strength through Master Skill Tree training.

Dark Knight Blade Knight Blade Master
Character characteristics and formulas
Stats (points) for level. 5 points +1 points after Marlon quest
Stats (points) for rebirth (reset). 500 points
Formulas (PVE - to fight monsters, PVP - to fight players)
Attack Speed 10 + Agility/66
Attack Rate AttRate = Str + (Str * 1.6)
PveAttRate = +80%
Damage Dmg = (Str * 2) + (Ene / 2)
Skill Damage in % SkillDmg = (Ene / 1000)
Defense Rate DefRate = Agi
PveDefRate = +20%
Defense Defense = (Vit * 1.1)
HP Life = 110 + (2 * Level) + (6 * Vitality)
Mana Mana = 20 + (0.5 * Level) + (1.0 * Energy)