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16.09.2022 18:19:39

Catch the hottest announcement of this fall!

Catch the hottest announcement of this fall!
For all Mu Online fans!

Opening of Mu-Keeper x25 Hard server!
October 8th at 18:00 (+3 GMT)

It's time to take the spiderweb
24.05.2022 14:14:17

Update v0.5

An update will be published on 05/24/2022 at 20:10 +3 GMT. It includes:

- Reducing "Achievements" on Kill Monster Kalima
- Reducing "Achievements" by Online hours
- Added Master Ski
14.05.2022 15:04:07

Opening the Mu Keeper X100

This event will take place on 14.05.2022 at 19:00 +3 GMT.

The server that is waiting you. Where "everything" is possible, where "everything" is important. The place where you don't feel sorry for your computer. A place that is
13.05.2022 15:04:07

Update v0.4

Today at 21:15 +3 GMT, updates will be carried out on the server.

Updates will include:
- New quest in quest system
- New anti-cheat system
- New Wings 3.5
- Fix skill "summon
11.04.2022 19:50:40

Update v0.2

- There are now 5 spots in each Devil Square
- The number of players in Devil Square has been increased to 25 people.
- Statue has increased HP in Blood Castle
- The number of players i
08.04.2022 13:30:05

Update v.0.1

В 17:30 GMT+3 the server will be rebooted. Some amendments will be made. A list of updates will be provided later.
07.04.2022 22:04:43

Fix PK System and Drop...

In connection with the increasing Online, it was decided to add the appearance of Zombie Fighter in Dungeon 1-3. With a total count of 5. After death, every hour is revived. Drop: Apple. In order
07.04.2022 14:24:40

Added: Fairy Invasion

Dear players, by numerous requests, an additional Fairy Invasion was added. Now this event occurs 3 times a day: 00:30, 10:30, 18:30 The number of Lunar Rabbit, Fire Flame Ghost, Pouch of Blessing